Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theme of the Week: "Details !!"

Here are the three selected photos from the theme "Details !!" [ended: 2010.09.30] shown in no particular order:

End of files"End of Files" by material guy

straw balloons?"straw balloons?" by Col Cartwright

Lincoln Penny Detail"Lincoln Penny Detail" by andrejdolenc

I chose these three as the tops for this theme based on photo qualities and for matching the theme. Details are merely parts of the whole -- if you excerpted a whole eye for example, it is still a whole eye unless you have only shown part of it. Each of these was a good puzzle and really needed to be examined to 'get,' but was not unobtainable!

Color, contrast, lighting, tone, focus, movement and that quality, aesthetics, which is part personal choice and part wonderfulness all played a part.

Excellent work everybody, thanks for playing! Be on the lookout for the next theme.



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