Friday, April 05, 2013

Scary Food!!

How close have you ever seen your food? Is it scary up that close? What's that bump, the interesting fuzz, or those crystals doing there? Should it have holes or be that color? Show the things you eat in more detail! Scary Food! is our next THEME.

[our example photo is:]
#1 "Wild Rice"

 Wild Rice (SOOC jpg)

  -- -- -- And Now For The Winners:

We had a very close race, but in the end the Pumpkin beat the Kiwi:

First place, with 6 votes:
#15 - "pumpkin seed in bread" by
pumpkin seed

Close run for second, with 5 votes:
#13 "Kiwi" by jscotcha

Everyone thanks for playing.  A new Theme or Challenge will be coming right up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Food photography is a genre nearly everyone can agree is put to a lot of good use. We see all kinds of photos used in advertising, marketing, packaging, menus, websites, magazines and books. Lemons! is the Challenge.

Voters have selected two clear winners (in order):

#11 "Lemon backlit by the sun" by Chuck Lucas *(13 of 32 votes):
untitled (3 of 32012).jpg


#3 Lemon in soda water" by re_duggan *(7 of 32 votes):

Best Wishes from all the staff here at C&CMP!


Monday, December 19, 2011

I'll Eat That!

Most votes in the Challenge:

6 votes:
#1: Pomegranite by waruzm Congratulations!
Alien Egg?
5 votes:
#4: Cupcake Macro by Scott Michaels
Cupcake Macro
4 votes:
#12: Red Onion by Jean Heneghan
Red Onion

Congratulations to our 3 big winners! And thanks to all for voting and your submissions to the Challenge. Everyone have a great holiday season and keep your eyes out for our next Theme or Challenge.

Best Wishes from all the staff here at C&MP!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Theme: Shiny Things

Our three winners in no particular order:
Blackberry by eriksweeklyphoto:
Blackberry (Note: Blackberries are hard to light, this is great!)

Out of Camera. by Stevekin:
Out of camera.

Shiny Bubbles by Lee251073:

Look for a new Theme soon!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Theme: EYES

The Winners of the CCMP Theme: EYES are, in no particular order:

Florida Bark Mantis by Dixie Native:

Florida Bark Mantis....Florida Bark Mantis series #1

I Ssseeeee You! by Shutterbugl:

I Ssseeeee You!

Baker Balls 1321 by Pkmousie:

Baker Balls 1321

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Theme : In Bloom

Saturday, April 09, 2011

CCMP Challenge "Zippers"

We are currently running Themes and Challenges. With Themes you are free to choose your subject as long as it matches the Theme's topic. With Challenges, you must photograph the selected subject in particular.

The current Challenge was "Zippers"

Congratulations to everyone who posted or voted, thanks for playing the game! It's a well known fact that participating in C&C Macro Photography Challenges will make you both smarter and better looking! (so keep up the good work)

Voting was close this time.
Winner of the Challenge with 8 votes:
#8 "zip" by emme effe

There was a tie for second place
(after self votes eliminated, oops):
With 6 votes, "WFF_1293.JPG" by wfischer:
Also with 6 votes, "Zipper" by waruzm

Thanks for all of the great entries and for voting.
Remember to enter the next Challenge!