Friday, April 05, 2013

Scary Food!!

How close have you ever seen your food? Is it scary up that close? What's that bump, the interesting fuzz, or those crystals doing there? Should it have holes or be that color? Show the things you eat in more detail! Scary Food! is our next THEME.

[our example photo is:]
#1 "Wild Rice"

 Wild Rice (SOOC jpg)

  -- -- -- And Now For The Winners:

We had a very close race, but in the end the Pumpkin beat the Kiwi:

First place, with 6 votes:
#15 - "pumpkin seed in bread" by
pumpkin seed

Close run for second, with 5 votes:
#13 "Kiwi" by jscotcha

Everyone thanks for playing.  A new Theme or Challenge will be coming right up!


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