Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here are the three selected photos from the theme "BackLit and 1:1" [ended: 2010.06.14] shown in no particular order:

[Astrea Snail] "3.11.10" by jasonwithers

Beautiful colors, good selective focus and a pretty alien subject have made for a standout photo.

[demon from a fiery, flowery hell] "IMG_0023" by whipartist

This strong composition shows an often seen subject in a strong new light.

"Cliffhanger" by Rémy_ERRA

As cobalt123 pointed out in a comment on the posted image, this image uses bokeh very well to isolate the subject and has excellent composition. Also the colors are beautiful.

If I were allowed a runner up, it would be:
"American Yellow Sac Spider." by xjoncamposx

Beautiful lighting, color and almost perfect focus. The points of light on the leaf holding the spider are a very beautiful example of bokeh. This photo receives a special mention.


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