Monday, June 26, 2006

The of the Week: Hair, Fur and Fringes (Nature)

The theme of the week is Hair, Fur and Fringes (Nature). The macro shots will be showing little tiny hairs, close views of hair or fur, or even the fringes found on plants, grasses, and trees. Images can be of flora, fauna, or other tiny haired details of nature, but the main subject of the photo should be small details.

Our three winners: the first is a "classic" macro image, the next is pure art in composition, and the final shows a "twofer" with tiny hairs on the plant and the insect. Congratulations to these folks, and many thanks to all who have participated.

Here are my favorite three selections from entries in the Fat Colors Theme of the Week pool submitted by the Closer and Closer Macro Photography Group on Flickr

Red Red Red
-- from curiouskiwi (Brenda)

Not so cute
-- from lindylu

Summer is here
-- from Buttersweet

Congratulations to this week's winners!


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