Saturday, June 17, 2006

Theme of the Week: Fat Colors

This week's theme is Fat Colors. Saturated, bright, gloriously intense colors. The ones that are right out of your first box of 8 crayons and that drip straight from the tube of paint. The ones that make your socks roll up and down and that you can almost *taste*.

Here are my favorite three selections from entries in the Fat Colors Theme of the Week pool submitted by the Closer and Closer Macro Photography Group on Flickr

From: Natascha2005
Stormy weather

From: Mr. Greenjeans
Color Contrast 1

From: Blue Adept
Hairy Stamen (spiderwort )

Congratulations to this week's winners!


Blogger Paul said...

Good morning and thank you for selecting one of mine, when there were so many great entries to choose from.
This has made my day :)

1:03 AM  

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