Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theme of the Week - Gems and Jewels

The winners in no particular order are:

From Ʀαdio Ϛilϵncϵ, Old amber ring
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From D P Lynch, dvd diamond
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From BlueRidgeKitties, Amethyst
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here are the three selected photos from the theme "BackLit and 1:1" [ended: 2010.06.14] shown in no particular order:

[Astrea Snail] "3.11.10" by jasonwithers

Beautiful colors, good selective focus and a pretty alien subject have made for a standout photo.

[demon from a fiery, flowery hell] "IMG_0023" by whipartist

This strong composition shows an often seen subject in a strong new light.

"Cliffhanger" by Rémy_ERRA

As cobalt123 pointed out in a comment on the posted image, this image uses bokeh very well to isolate the subject and has excellent composition. Also the colors are beautiful.

If I were allowed a runner up, it would be:
"American Yellow Sac Spider." by xjoncamposx

Beautiful lighting, color and almost perfect focus. The points of light on the leaf holding the spider are a very beautiful example of bokeh. This photo receives a special mention.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Three winners for "Let it Glow!" (in no particular order):

"Frosty Juniper"
Frosty Juniper
This image shows how the glow in a macro image accentuates attention to detail and focus.
From bonsaikiptb

"Inner Glow"
Inner Glow
This image was chosen for the way the glow helps define light and dark contrast in the detail of forms and flower structures.
From BlueRidgeKitties

"Tiny Life."
Tiny Life.
This image was chosen for the creative use of lighting to make the glow come from below and highlight the details of the snail in a subtle way.
From xjoncamposx