Monday, September 04, 2006

Best of the Bugs 2006

Mantid by joserg

It's a Bug Central Weekend here at Closer & Closer Macro Photography Group, with last week's theme of Creepers, Crawlers, Buzzers, Flitters, and Flyers, and the closing of the Best of the Bugs: 2006 thread today.

The entries in the Best of the Bugs: 2006 were simply amazing - every one was just outstanding. Taken as a group, it is a collection like no other I've had the pleasure of seeing. Applause to everyone who participated. Your contributions were amazing.

Needless to say, curating some winners has been just short of impossible. Thank you everyone for your comments on your favorites. In the end, there were just too many awesome ones to restrict it to the original ten images to be posted, so I bent the rules a bit and added a few more. Be sure to look at each image in it's largest size to get the full detail.

up close and... myrmician!? by myrmician
up close and... myrmician!?

Eastern Pondhawk by J_Gilbert
Eastern Pondhawk

Caterpillar - Up Close And Personal by mommamia
Caterpillar - Up Close And Personal

Yellow Fighter by photofixation
Yellow Fighter

Snail by suika2006

house guest by capturedbythelight
house guest

pinselkäfer (trichius fasciatus) by silvia31163
pinselkäfer (trichius fasciatus)

Retrato de cernidora - Hoverfly portrait by piscochile
Retrato de cernidora - Hoverfly portrait

red spiral by LunaSol
red spiral

Look at that mouth by Denube
Look at that mouth

close by SouthernBelladonna


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