Saturday, April 09, 2011

CCMP Challenge "Zippers"

We are currently running Themes and Challenges. With Themes you are free to choose your subject as long as it matches the Theme's topic. With Challenges, you must photograph the selected subject in particular.

The current Challenge was "Zippers"

Congratulations to everyone who posted or voted, thanks for playing the game! It's a well known fact that participating in C&C Macro Photography Challenges will make you both smarter and better looking! (so keep up the good work)

Voting was close this time.
Winner of the Challenge with 8 votes:
#8 "zip" by emme effe

There was a tie for second place
(after self votes eliminated, oops):
With 6 votes, "WFF_1293.JPG" by wfischer:
Also with 6 votes, "Zipper" by waruzm

Thanks for all of the great entries and for voting.
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