Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theme - Repeating Patterns

CCMP Theme Winners - in no particular order:

Wasp Nest - by Stevekin:

Wasp nest (closer)

Seashell by Mauro Liete:

Seashell - symmetry

Saw Banksia Bud Macro by Stevepas68:

Saw Banksia Bud Macro

Friday, March 04, 2011

We are currently running Themes and Challenges. With Themes you are free to choose your subject as long as it matches the Theme's topic. With Challenges, you must photograph the selected subject in particular.

The current Challenge was "Machine Threads."

Congratulations to everyone who posted or voted, thanks for playing the game! It's a well known fact that participating in C&C Macro Photography Challenges will make you both smarter and better looking! (so keep up the good work)

Voting was very close this time.
Winner of the challenge with 7 votes:
#15 Brass light stand fitting by ericm123

Tied for second with 6 votes each were:
#8 Screw and nut, a love story... by Mortimer62
Screw and nut, a love story...
#3 Red Blue Screw by eriksweeklyphoto
Red Blue Screw