Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Theme of the Week: Printed/Imprinted

Congratulations to our winners so this printed/imprinted theme! In no particular order, our three winners and another member with a special mention.

From Stevpas68
Who knew there was a poem in that micro print! Excellent scale shown in this composition by the corner of another bill placed to the bottom right.
$10 - Australian "The Man From Snowy River" poem

From clock doc
A look at the largest view shows a cloth-like texture and raised imprint on this bill. Clever method of obtaining this macro.

From paulscott56
The original size view is not to be missed! (Did you think that the background color is black?)

Special mention:
From sheepthief
This cellphone image of the keypad imprinted with symbols that float is surreal and deserves special mention for artistry.
From sheepthief
Close-up (PB213710)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Theme of the Week - Macro images of Fur, Hair, Hairy details and Fuzz

Here are the Winners in no particular order:

Spider1 by Stevekin:


Very Hairy Caterpillar by Zac Declerk:

Very Hairy Caterpiller

Milkweed by Louise Peters: