Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Theme of the Week:Backlit

Back lighting adds a dramatic element to a macro image. Rim lighting will define an edge and separate the subject from the background. Back lighting can be used to show texture or detail in a translucent object that is otherwise hidden.

We had many excellent examples that used these techniques. The top three chosen from this theme are:

-- from Coder

-- from Licya

-- from 'xpressions

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

11 June Theme: Water Droplets

One of our new group moderators, N. Oullette, selected this week's theme and the winners.

They are:
Bejeweled by PickyChicky

Dandelion with waterdrops by tanakawho

drops on the flower... by srini_g2003
drops on the flower..

untitled by OlivemanMC

Good job everyone!


4 June Theme of the Week

One of the greatest joys of this kind of contest is finding "new to you" discoveries of fine photographers on flickr, and this group of members has many delights posted on their streams. Just browse them by clicking on their entries here and you will find glorious images of all variety - recommended heartily!

I've tried and tried to get the winners to just 3, but there are 4 clear winners this week!

Broken by Chux-pix

Shattered Self from amykins1111

Light Bulb Crash from Kyle May

Broken-Keys from I. M. Bitter