Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Best of the Flowers 2006

The results of the Best of the Flowers 2006 competition have now been selected. The entries in the Best of the Flowers: 2006 were simply beyond amazing: more than 250 closeups of flowers from 6 continents in every vibrant color and exotic shape. The entire collection goes beyond amazing to the simply sublime. Profound congratulations to all entrants. Your contributions show the diversity of floral life in ways both unique and amazing.

Selecting some winners has been a ridiculously difficult problem. Thank you everyone for your comments on your favorites and your patience. Presented below are the final selections.

Please be sure to look at each image in it's largest size to get the full and glorious detail to be found in this amazing look at the flowers of the world.

Nigella by Carol Murry

Water Lily by asyagiv
Water lily

Hue Blue by nahlinse
hue blue

Rosée Bleutée by nanafigue
rosée bleutée

Flower by joserg

Flower by ieatbugs

Happy Valentine's Day!! by Supriya O
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Popular Purple Poppy by tandokuno-gurl
Popular Purple Poppy

Looking Up... by Rettop
Looking Up ...

Pollen by seanhepburn2006

Stripey by wit

Monday, November 20, 2006

Theme of the Week: Macro on Black

Theme of the Week: Macro on Black (or so...)

Although some macro lighting purists may consider it poor form to underexpose the background, others use it as tool to further isolate their subject. This week we were looking for macro images where the intent was to meter or light the subject while leaving the background dark. Absolute black was not required, just good separation.

My pick for the top three are:

-- from tanakawho

-- from Rune T

-- from piscochile

Monday, November 13, 2006

Theme of the Week: Magic and Mystery

This weeks theme Magic and Mystery is by Admin Cobalt 123, and this text is from the opening of the thread: "Have you taken a macro photo that you wanted to be a certain way and then you see the result and it is not at all like you planned? When those moments of magic happen with your close-up and macro shots, your image may be mysterious and emotive..."

Her Picks for the top three are:

-- from Rettop

-- from dedalus11

-- from bonsaikiptb

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Theme of the Week: Texture

This week's theme is Texture.

Photography is perhaps the only one of the arts that can come close to helping us to see what something feels like - and here are the best images of that from the past few week's postings.

This week's theme is based on a thread started by Monica Martins and includes photos from that thread.

My selections for this weeks top three are:

From: bobtravis
Mushroom, up close and personal....

From: Asta
Noodles (Nudler)

From: lottuh1977